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Social Media

Elevate your online presence with Salt and Slate Marketing’s expert social media management. We craft engaging content, foster community interactions, and analyze performance to ensure your brand shines on every platform. Ready to make waves in the social media sea? Let us steer your strategy to success.

Influencer Marketing has grown beyond average instagram model tagging their favorite beauty products. With saltandslate marketing, businesses of all sixes can benefit from our influencer marketing program that identifies and partners with high value partners on social media. Saltandslate marketing has deep root in data analysis and uses the latest tools to drive data-informed strategies.


Data Analysis and ROI Modeling

Unlock the power of your data with Salt and Slate Marketing’s Data Analysis and ROI Modeling. We turn complex data into actionable insights, optimizing your marketing efforts and maximizing your return on investment. Ready to see the full picture of your success? Let our expertise guide your growth.

Social Ads is an extremely effective way to put your business in front of a larger audience. Effective social ads techniques requires a very experienced team to execute that strategy. So, pick a social media agency you can trust and ensure they have a track record of success. Saltandslate marketing will help design and execute social media ads throughout all stages of the funnel. We deliver results

Social Media

Content Curation

Bring your visuals to life with us! We will take care of all your photography & videography. Let us tell your story through captivating visuals!

Email & Text Message Management

Let our team create & send out your monthly newsletters! We love a good text so let us handle your Text message marketing we do this bi-weekly!


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Haircare / Ecom

338% increase in reach within 30 days. 27.9k in IG Reels reach and a 65.7% increase in website visits based off Organic social media content alone


Services Provided 


Instagram Advertising 

Influencer Outreach

Packaging planning 

Monthly Reporting


We work alongside many successful businesses and are here to showcase some of our work that our team has worked diligently on.

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